How to install windows7 existing windowsxp?

hey guys!
i have a windows7 laptop and i have to install windowsxp. but the problem is that there is an error screen after showing the ''SET UP IS STARTING WINDOWS''. I couldn't find out any solution for this problem.
will you pls help me?
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    I’m afraid you will have to reformat your entire Hard Drive beforehand.

    Windows 7 uses the GUID Partition Table by default wherein Windows XP only supports Master Boot Record. Therefor when you try to install Windows XP it can’t find a partition to install to.

    If you decide to reformat I strongly suggest to install Windows XP first and then Windows 7 afterwards. Windows 7 supports dual boot out of the box and will add both systems to the boot menu wherein Windows XP would replace the boot loader [which means you would have to manually reinstall it and add both boot options].
  2. Are you trying to install XP over Win 7 or the other way around?
  3. You could also use a program like Gparted to split your harddrive into two partitions and install winXP on the new partition you created.
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