Underclocking my fsp to match DDR??

This article I found tells about the FSB speed and memory speed. The 333 fsb speed and ddr speed was faster than 466 ddr because when the ration is 1:1, then the memory doesn't get into wait states and all... (synchronous vs asynch)

From what it was showing, is it best to slow down my fsb speed from 800 mhz (Gigabyte 8knxp) to 400 so it'll work well with the pc3200 memory I have? I'd have to spend a lot more to get the fastest memory around just so the fsb can be 2/3 of it's potental with that mindset. Is this right??
It didn't really talk about the CL rating though if that still helps to have a lower one. Does it still help to get ddr with CL2 vs CL3?

I'm probably going to run my P4 2.8ghz, 8knxp, and pc3200 at their max speed if that works and not worry about overclocking for now.
Thanks for the advice.
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  1. I see you're totally lost. "800MHz" bus is really 200MHz clock. "DDR400" is also 200MHz clock. Dual Channel operation give your (Double Data Rate) DDR400 memory the same bandwidth as your (Quad Data Rate) QDR800 CPU bus.

    So you run your PC3200 at stock speed and your 800 bus CPU at stock speed, and magically they are synchronous (both operating at 200MHz actuall clock) and have the same bandwidth (due to Double Data Rate making the memory bus twice as wide).

    So a 2.8C will work best with PC3200 running synchronously in Dual Channel mode.

    Lower latency makes your memory more responsive. So CL2 still helps.

    If you want to overclock you might consider even "faster" memory to give you more headroom.

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