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I currently have two computers with XP Home on a local area netork. They both are on the same workgroup and only one user account (the main admin account) for both machines. They also both have different IPs assigned. no other server machines running. just these two
Anyway, on one machine (Ill call it C2) I shared a few folders and drives with the ability to write and change files. No restrictions. From the main machine (C1) I can see C2 on the workgroup but when I click on it, it says, "C2 is not available. you might not have permissions to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The network path was not found"

I know this was never a problem with Windows 98 but i'm missing something on XP.
Can someone please tell me what im doing wrong?

I tried disabling the Win XP firewall but that didnt seem to help.
I'm trying to connect with Explorer.

I can try to provide more detail if necessary.
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  1. I just set up a similar network at a local solicitors, all using xp but with 3 pc's . I got the same message once but found that after a while it didn't(15 seconds). Give the pcs a while to find each other..
    Otherwise you could set c1 with a staic ip address subnet mask and c2 to 'obtain an ip address automatically'
    Try creating another user'full access' and see if this helps.
    Otherwise i've noticed in the past with other networks that a faulty cable can give intermitant results.. check the cable(cables?). if your using a hub/switch then there should be a led that indicates wether or not there is a link. Make sure theres nothing to close that might disrupt/interfere with the flow of data.. strong elctro magnetic fields.
    dunno if this helps... sorry if it hasn't
  2. After hours of frustration I figured out what it was. When setting up a network connection, the connection defaults to have the XP firewall enabled. I had to turn them off to connect to a machine.
    Should I disable this though just to get file sharing on my network. Or is this the same security as say Win98?
    I do have a linksys router. Is that going to be enough for protection?
  3. just a side note, its not really a good idea to use the admin acocunt on a day to day basis, much better is to create an account with the appropriate rights for day to day use.

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  4. CALV, you sound like an old Unix guy (superuser, etc). Ami I right?

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  5. not really, I've had a fair play with linux in the past, and maybe thats where I inherited the admin/root logon (or dont logon...) from, but I'm currently studying for my mcse and they also reccomend not using admin for general use, though I must admit, my server at home is permenantly logged on as admin :)

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  6. My setup is simular to both of yours. I have 4 computers networked with a Linksys router. I also have had it drilled into my head, "Do not Use Admin Logon, for everday use." With 4 computers it makes it easier to fix.
    I have been using remote login with XP pro. You do not have to worry about surfing the web with shares. I just log in as admin make the changes and log off. Windows "firewall" or other firewall software are not affected by this.

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