Windows 7 Pro Fresh Install Freeze at Starting Windows

I just got Windows 7 Pro plus a new machine and I am trying to install Windows 7 but it keeps hanging at Starting Windows when I go to install. Sometimes I see artifacts when it freezes and sometimes I just freezes. Any idea what is going on?
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  1. At what percentage of installation it freezes?

    Upgrade stops responding (hangs) at 62% when you upgrade to Windows 7
  2. It was freezing right as Starting Windows comes up. At one point I was able to get to 25% before it froze. I did end up getting Windows 7 installed by taking out 1 of my DIMMs. So I have a feeling that 1 of my DIMMs are bad. Waiting on the new sticks to get here from Newegg to make sure that was the problem.
  3. If you found your memory causes problem, run Memtest86+ & confirm it.
  4. that is the weird thing. We could not get Memtest86+ to work at all. But we where able to get an older version of Memtest to run and it did not find any problems.

    Also, when in the BIOS it was showing the RAM as being 9-9-9-24 when it is suppose to be 7-9-7-24. And it is suppose to run at 1.65V but BIOS was showing it was getting 1.5V. We tried changing the settings in BIOS but with all the crashing it would never stick.
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