0xc000007b error in windows 7

i installed a theme for windows 7 from a website. It asked me to replce exe. files and i did so. It also asked me to replace shell.dll files and i again did so. Then it asked for a restart. But after i re-booted my pc my windows 7 starts up till the welcome screen and after i input my password it opens my account and everything is blank. There is no task bar, no desktop icons, nothing. Its just a black screen. It shows the same problem even in the safe mode. It gives an error 0xc000007b. what do i do?
my pc specs are:
samsung E34500
windows 7 32 bit
core speed: 2.7 GHz
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  1. welcome to the world of being "compromised" (probably)

    I suggest you do the 3rd item on the list above - because you have no idea what those themes installed on the computer, and what files were manipulated.

    Disconnect your computer from the network, save your data if you need to, and start a clean install
  2. I'm with Dingo07 on this one; you've been infucted. Some malware-writer somewhere needs to be put down.
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