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I downloaded drivers for a webcam (Gearhead), and now my Windows Explorer appication keeps getting a runtime error; then restarts. Some message appears about must terminated.

I have uninstall the pc webcam app., and attempted restore my computer to a previous date. However, the restore attempt has been unsuccessful.

How can I reinstall just Windows Explorer for Windows 7 without affecting any other Windows files?

Thanks so much!
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  1. Restoring to a previous date is useless. I wish Microsoft would take it out of Windows. You cant install just Windows Explorer. But what I would do is CLEAN INSTALL WINDOWS!!! Its the only guarenteed way of fixing this. Not to include if you have had driver issues, there is no telling what else is messed up. So get all your drivers from your manufacture's website and get that DVD out.
  2. I would investigate a little bit before clean installing windows. Look in your Event Viewer and see if you can find the root to the problem - perhaps you just need to get a clean explorer.exe from the windows dvd, who knows?
  3. Well if that is messed up what else is? I mean how do you know some core security file hasnt been corrupted. I would waist my time, its going to take you at least 2-3 hours to look through everything and find out the problem, not to include actually fixing it... I can install Windows, install drivers, and run updates in no more than 4 hours. And at that point I know its fixed.
  4. Thanks so much for posting your responses. I really appreciate you doing so.
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