How to solve a limited access problem over a wireless network

trying to log into wireless connection , but a message appears says : limited access ...

how to solve out this issue ???

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  1. It might be a weak connection, or possibly wrong passcode. Any error messages? Can you connect to different devices on the network? Have you let Windows troubleshoot the connection?
  2. unplug router, re-plug router, done!
  3. connect an ethernet cable betwen your laptop and the router - problem solved
  4. Is it your router? Is it set up to provide you with an IP address? If you are not its owner, and the owner either doesn't have DHCP configured, or is using a MAC address table (which would not include your system), you'll need to ask for connection information in order to get an IP address when using it.
  5. I would recommend checking the status of your drivers as well, while downloading a BIOS update yesterday I received a BSOD and upon restart my USB and the LAN/WLAN drivers somehow became corrupted. After this, I was receiving limited connectivity through my wireless antennae. I tried simply re-installing the drivers which did not fix it, windows repair was useless as usual, and I ended up uninstalling the driver for my wireless card instead. After uninstalling it automatically re-installed itself and seemed to be working, from there I was able to use windows repair to download drivers for the other affected parts from the internet.
  6. chugot9218 said:
    ....while downloading a BIOS update yesterday I received a BSOD and upon restart my USB and the LAN/WLAN drivers somehow became corrupted....

    Sooo many bad things can happen if your computer hiccups during a BIOS update
  7. Yes, it was strange when the problem came about though, I had just downloaded the BIOS file through ASUS update to my HDD, I had not actually flashed it yet. I believe while locating the file through ASUS Update is when I actually received the BSOD, I had not actually begun to update the BIOS. Also, while running through my drivers I uninstalled and reinstalled the network adapter drivers and then the USB, but I still had a leftover PCI Device that was showing as having a corrupted driver, however windows repair found no corresponding driver files online and any system information about the supposed device showed no information, it only informed me that the driver had been installed that evening (I believe right around the same time I crashed). But... at about the same time I was uninstalling ad-aware and switching to Avast, so I don't doubt that that could have caused a problem with my drivers. In regards to that extra PCI device entry, I just uninstalled/removed it, I suppose that was probably the correct path? Id assume it was the AV change that gave me problems as opposed to a virus or anything of that sort. Any insight would be appreciated!
  8. not to hijack jemaoui's thread, but you should find the chipset drivers and make sure they're all installed - I would start there Chugot9218
  9. i had this problem also but it can be fixed by calling your router company. they will tell you to change bandwith to different channale than auto. it will be solved.
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