First time building my own PC

I'm building a PC for general web browsing, skype, nothing too intensive with the idea of in the future adding a graphics card & over clocking the CPU gaming use. And maybe adding a TV card for home entertainment Would like to be able to use FSx. Here is what I've put together so far:

Processor: i3 540 -
Motherboard: Asus 1156 P7H55-M PRO S/L M-ATX RET Motherboard -

Any thoughts on where I could save money or where I should invest more & on the products I am choosing? Is it compatible with what i would like to do in the future? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hi there. :) For a general use PC, that's a good build. Some pointers for you:

    The CPU you've chosen is socket's dead-end now, superseded by socket 1155 (Sandybridge). If you were to go with an i3, I'd suggest the i3-2100, which is a very good S1155 CPU. It also opens the door for upgrading to another S1155 CPU in the future, whether you go with a beefier Sandybridge or the upcoming Ivybridge. The only fly in the ointment with the i3 is that you can't overclock it...but it's decent for a budget end gaming PC.

    Don't get that PSU. It's not a decent need to go for a branded PSU like XFX, Be Quiet!, Silverstone, Corsair, Enermax etc. Generic PSUs like the Alpine may die a horrible death...horrible, because as they die they can take your PC with them. Just not worth it. I doubt you'd need a 650W PSU...go for about 500W, it'll do you fine, even with a GPU upgrade in the future.

    Go for Corsair Vengeance RAM. Cheap as chips, a recognised vendor and you can get 2x4GB for pretty much the same price.

    I've put a sample build together on the Scan website (guessing that you're in the UK), which is a good website to go to:

    It's a bit over the £323.69 that your links totalled, but has the following advantages:

    1) A branded, recommendable PSU
    2) An optical drive (wasn't sure if you had one, you obviously don't need to buy it if you do)
    3) Z68 S1155 motherboard...this allows integrated graphics from the CPU and for you to overclock (although you'd need a 'K' class CPU to be able to overclock...e.g. the i5-2500K)
    4) IMHO, the Seagate HDD is better.

    You can upgrade that to a gaming PC in the future by adding an AMD 6850 (or better, if you like). If you want overclocking in your future, go for the's about £60 more expensive, but gives you that future flexibility. However, it's not a must...a budget gaming system will be fine with an i3-2100.

    Enjoy. :)
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