Win98 Doesn't recognize DVD Drive

I'm putting together a new computer:
AMD 1.1Ghz
Asus A7V
256 MB PC133
GeForce Ultra
Maxtor ATA100 20Gb
Toshiba 12xDVD

I went through the bios, and it recognized the DVD drive, but when I installed win98, it doesn't recognize the drive. I tried removing the drive, reboot, then reconect, and that didn't work. Any Ideas???

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  1. Did you turn on the option Plug and play in your bios...?
  2. Get Windows to do it manually, I assume you have installed all the associated software

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  3. Does win recognize your hard disk in Control Panel > System...?
  4. Before you go to too much trouble, let Windows try and detect it. Sometimes you will need to use the Detect New Hardware Wizard and let it run. If you have a spare harddisk, load up Win98 from scratch and see if it detects it, could be a problem left over from your previous configuration and motherboard that is keeping Windows from scanning the IDE ports on startup. You might also check the drive in another computer to verify the drive is good!
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