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How can you enable AHCI on win7 RC w/o reinstall

Hi, I made the mistake of not enabling AHCI when installing win 7 RC, and now I wish to enable that for NCQ and i guess hot plug.

Is there a guide to do so? and if a fail at this, can i simply turn it off in the BIOS and win 7 should boot?

Also, I do have a USB floppy with my mobo, so if that needs to be used instead of a key i do have that option (i was kinda disappointed when the evga X58 3x sli said no floppy connector vs the p6t Deluxe which had one)
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    Just did that last month here is the link
  3. ah so the reg edit will make this work then?

    also is the increase in start up time noticeable? and is NCQ noticeable for performance (file xfers from disk to disk, etc.)
  4. I haven't notice any difference

    yeah it works edit the reg reboot and enable the ahci when windows comes up it takes a sec but it'll figure it out and boot up.
  5. well i guess it worked, but i can't say I've feel any kind of change (i woulda think that the NCQ would help with windows startup, when it is pulling files from multiple places on the hdd, but nope...)

    btw can you hot plug sata 2.0 into the mobo now? that'd be fun to have, but not exactly useful...
  6. yes sata is now hot swappable, look at the eject drive button in the task bar same one you use for usb and you'll see your sata drives

    ncq would help more with server environment, what it will do is if you are in the middle of a large read and something needs a real small file it will pull the small file then resume the large. In start up all the files are needed so it doesn't' matter what gets pulled first
  7. well, at least there is hot plug... gona try to hot plug in a hdd now
  8. yeah i was thinking about trying the hotswap but I'm to lazy to open the case
  9. Umm, NCQ is certainly not going to help with windows boot times. Windows was all installed at once and in one spot. Its in order to start with.
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