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I rebuilt my sisters old Macbook Pro (Early 2008), and gave it to my brother until he gets a new laptop as charger is flakey. So loaded up both OS X and Windows 7 Home Premium in bootcamp. Installed the Bootcamp tools off the OS X DVD. I cant seem to find a way to change the touch pad sensitivity? It drives both of us nuts. Maybe force Synapcis drivers or something?

My other question is since any Apple computer doesnt have a right click (you do command click to do a right click in OS X) is there some way to enable that kind of function in Windows 7. Maybe through a macro program when you press like alt and click?
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  1. You can enable right click on the trackpad for some of the newer macs in the OSX environment. Go to System Preferences>Trackpad>OneFinger> Check the secondary click function and scroll the menu until it reads bottom right corner.
  2. LOL sorry accidently submitted before i was done :P. In Bootcamp you can right click buy placing two fingers on the trackpad and using your thumb to click. Still a bit clunky as far as UI goes :(. If anyone knows another way i'd be interested to know as well.
  3. When using two fingers, be sure to space them apart a bit, that helps a whole lot.
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