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I just set up my surround sound system and hooked that up to my computer no problem. Now I want to hook up my TV to my computer. I have an ATi Radeon 9700 Pro and was able get a picture on my TV, but when I went to watch a movie from my computer, it was just a black screen. Is this because my TV is analog?
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  1. What program are you using to watch the movie on your TV? This black screen is normally caused by Macrovision compliancy checks in the software. Your card is Macrovision compliant, but older DVD software won't recognize it.

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  2. I tried using Windows Media Player 9 and Divx 2.1 and both just showed a black screen on the TV, but it looked fine on my monitor.
  3. I have hooked up a TV to my computer and watched DVD's. What I learned was that the TV picture was poor when compared with my Computer Monitor. So My question: Why hook up the TV to the Computer?

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