WOO HOO - Linux is getting better

I upgrade every time Red Hat comes out with a new OS, and I do believe that Red Hat is gettin there with their latest OS, I've found that their getting closer to being a home desktop OS with the latest OS.

Software is getting easier to get and thing are looking better in general for the Linux set of people, but you do still need to be a computer power user to really use Linux the way that it was intended to be used.

The gui based installer is getting much better with every realese of Red Hat, and more hardware support is there every time a new release come out.

Here is the solution that I offer to help get Linux to where it needs to be, and this may sound a little over bering of me but I think it's the case.

I heard a analogy the other day when talking with my advertising people about Linux, and this may soud a little rude but think about it.

Here it is Linux has become a bunch of fat 35 year old men living in the basment of mom's house, everybody thinks that this OS has to stay a freebie, but think about it.

If your working for sombody else what makes you work harder and get things done better and faster, more money a raise LOL, if Linux payed these guys 50 Cents it would be a raise.

Just think is you were to pay you best people working on linux for what thay know, maybe spew out 19 or 20 dollars an hour, don't you think you woul get the product done better and faster, there for making more revenue with it.

David C. Atkin
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  1. A lot of the good stuff is already (well) paid work - RedHat, Ximian, etc. Much of it is still done to "scratch an itch". I've got a couple of commercial projects on the go, and I'm using some OSS in them, but I need to modify it a bit to suit my needs. End result is that I get my product to sell, my programmers get paid, "Linux" gets some free modifications/improvements fed back into it, and hopefully, everybody wins.

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  2. I win I win!!! :smile:

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