How can I find out what USB Bluetooth dongle I have

How can I find out what USB Bluetooth dongle I have?

I bought mine ages ago and lost the driver CD.

How can I identify the dongle now. It only has Bluetooth written on the yellow transparent casing.
Looks like this one: (except yellow)

Regardless I just need a driver that will connect other bluetooth device (Nokia 6500c).
Don't like to use USB connection with the Nokia.

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  1. OS: WinXP sp2
  2. You could look through device manager for a clue as to what make / model the dongle may be.

    Be sure to have the dongle already plugged in before trying either method.

    Click Start > Run and copy / paste the bolded text into the run box then hit enter to access device manager.


    Look for anything that has a question mark or exclamation mark next to it. You should be able to right click the problem hardware and choose to update the drivers this way.

    If you have no luck identifying the dongle you can also use a great little utility called SIW to try and identify the hardware for you.

    The standalone version is freeware and can be run from a flash drive or directly from the PC. Link below:

    There is every possibility that either of these methods won't work due to unrecognised device or obscure hardware manufacturer, but this is where I would start to try to solve the issue.
  3. All done and installed the program, but only applications are active.

    I was expecting to have full access to my cel phone Nokia6500c. See all contacts etc. but via Bluetooth. Can done be done?

  4. Yes you can access the cell phone via bluetooth from your pc.

    Things like your contact list, messages, photos and other stored information on your phone should be visible.

    You will need to ensure your phones bluetooth is running and not switched off. Bluetooth is normally switched off by default for security purposes.

    Next your pc's bluetooth needs to active, you need to tell it to search for bluetooth devices within range. Once the phone is discovered by the pc you need to connect to it. Your phone might come up with a prompt asking you to accept access.

    There may be more involved like naming your phones bluetooth so it identifiable, but this is basically the gist of it.
  5. Yes, I am connected via Bluetooth, but contact are not showing (everything else is).

    I give up and using USB cable connection again.

    I still believe the bluetooth connection is the best and in the future "everything" will be connect via BT.

    Thanks again for your help
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