Trouble setting up Sata HD on GA-AKNXP Mobo

I just put together a new system and I thought I would try a couple of sata Hard Drives. I cannot get windows to recognize my h.d's I'm trying to load
Win XP Pro but cannot get the files for the controller to work allow me to load them. (the f6 thing)
I do not want to run Raid I'm just trying to setup the Raptor as my main and the 120gb as a secondary.

Here is my system:
P4 3.0 GHz
Gigabyte Ga-AKNXP 875p Cipset
W.D. Raptor 36 GB SATA
W.D 120 GB Sata
FX 5600 Ultra
Kingston Hyperx 1 Gig

I press f6 when it asks if I want to load any drivers, but it doesn't go to the screen right away. It then asks me to press "S" if I want to load a Manufacture disk.
I copied the two files (si3112 and si3112r on a floppy but cannot load them.
please help if you can, i'm losing my mind.

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  1. I would guess the files you mentioned are compressed files which needs to be expanded. Are they .exe files, downloads from the internet? Just run them and the'll create a bunch of files. Those files need to be copied to the diskette.
  2. You should be able to find the files on the installation CD that came with your motherboard. Remember that the files you're loading relate to the S-ATA controller, not the hard drive itself. Make sure you've loaded the right files onto the floppy, otherwise the procedure will fail. There should be a readme file on the installation CD on the subject.

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  3. Thanks, I'll try both of those options and letyou know what happens
  4. Ok I got the drivers loaded it Turned out that I had a defective Floppy drive if you Can believe that.
    My next problem was that Windows could not format the partition . It kept saying that the drive was damaged.
    I called Western Digital and after going through some questions he said that my disc may be bad and that if I had another copy of Windows that I should try loading off that CD.
    I thought it sounded kinda stupid but I tried it and it actually is working. Windows is installing.
    It looks like there might be some small scratches on the original Windows XP pro disc.
    Does this sound right?
    It seems to be taking a long time to install but I'll just be patient.
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  5. Update, the other Windows disk didn't work. It froze and when I tried to format again it said the same thing. "Setup was unable to format the partition. The disk may be damaged"
    I'm puzzled, I've tried both hard drives and two different windows cd's but I still come up with that same message. I'm about ready to give up and buy two IDE drives.
    I've never had problems with those, but of course I can't I'm already $245. in the hole.
    Please help if you can.
    Thank You
  6. Are your drivers and BIOS recent? If there is a new BIOS out, flash it to your motherboard (not from a defective floppy drive though!)
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