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I have windows 7 home premium software and I've never had a password. I went to set one and I kept getting an error message saying "access denied." I am the only user of my laptop and the administrator. Help please?
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  1. Hi,
    My name is Sagar and I work for Social Media & Community at Dell.

    Please try the following steps:-

    1st Step- Click on the start button(Pearl icon)
    2nd Step- Type run in the start search box
    3rd Step- Right click on the run option and deploy it in administrator mode by selecting" Run as administrator"
    4th Step- Type command in the box as Control userpasswords2
    5th Step- Press enter and a new window will popup regarding the existing user accounts on the system.
    6th Step- Click on your Advance tab and click on manage passwords.
    7th Step- Try to set a password for your account.

    Dell Social media responder
  2. Message restored by me.

    This is a common workaround needed by system administrators in Win 7. I have had to use it myself extensively... has to do with the way Win 7 initially sets up the account. It does not violate forum rules as it can only be done from an administrator account.
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