Computer freezes while playing videos

First time building my own computer, i7 2011 Chipset, 12GB RAM and a Zotac 560 ti GPU. I can watch videos but 8/10 times it will freeze part way through playing and then I have to reset it, Graphics drivers are up to date I can't think of anything else. :cry:
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  1. The GPU has a video decoder chip on it. I have seen several times that these can fail with the symptom you have.

    try turning off "Hardware Acceleration" for video playback. It means you will use more CPU for watching vids but should stop the crashing.
  2. I've done that on youtube and it has stopped for streaming videos but still does it for videos off my harddrive, is there something I have to do to turn it off like for my files?
  3. right click on desktop and select properties/screen res (depending on OS)

    Go to the screen resolution tab and click advanced (settings).

    on XP click on the troubleshoot tab, slide slider for hardware acceleration to 0 (far left)

    I am not near a win 7 machine at the moment but it should be hiding in there somewhere. Good Luck.
  4. Won't let me click it.
  5. If you are using the latest nVidia drivers, go back a few. The latest drivers are horrible with video playback, especially online. My system would lock up almost 100% of the time on any streaming video till I downgraded to an older driver.
  6. Ok will try that thankyou
  7. If u are using a bloated firewall like Comodo Firewall, try disabling it.

    Also make sure u have all the codecs u need. Open the preferences of ur Video player, it should have a feature that lists all the codecs that it is missing and a link to where you can download them.

    Hope this helps.
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