No Safe Mode

I am unable to enter the safe mode.

I am running Windows XP Pro Build 2600 on an Athlon XP 1800+ based system.

When I click F5 during boot, I get the sceen that gives me several choices, such as safe mode, command prompt only, and so forth.

When I choose Safe Mode, the result is a screen full of commands, which I presume is a list of the commands that my computer should perform. But it does not perform them, and only displays the commands and then locks up.

What can I do to make it possible to enter the Safe Mode?
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  1. it's F8, not F5

    did you wait for a few minutes? safe mode takes quite a while to come up

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  2. You're right about the F8, of course.

    I'll try waiting for the safe mode to take effect. But when you invoke safe mode do you get such things as I described?

    BTW, I found a file that contains these lines of commands. It's one of the .ini files under C:\SystemVolumeInformation\_restore{49957988-DEC9-44D5-AAC8-F17351D735D1}\Rp24

    Would I expect to find there the commands that cause entry into Safe Mode?

    Not entirely pleased with Windows XP.
  3. are you sure it locks up? it sometimes hangs for AGES during booting into safemode on xp, whats the original problem

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  4. Yes!

    I am surprised, and pleased, of course. I wouldn't have believed it, but my super-fast Athlon XP 1800+ machine (compared to my 133-MHz pentium that I just retired) does indeed take a long time to boot up into safe mode.

    So everything is OK.

    Thanks to all who encouraged me.

    Not entirely pleased with Windows XP.
  5. Quote:
    Not entirely pleased with Windows XP.

    bummer. I love it.

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  6. Who's the bummer? What is it that you love?

    How many of you most expensive software suites did you have to replace when you moved up to XP?

    Not entirely pleased with Windows XP.
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