Windows 7, 32 Bit Version vs. 64 Bit Version?

What are the benefits verses the hassles of using the 64 Bit Version of Windows 7 instead of the 32 Bit Version?
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  1. here's the link for fro you

    if you not going to use older 16 bit software & software's which has no more in development ,
    then you can go a head to use 64 bit,

    for that you must have new hardware's & enough GPU..(what the config you have)

    most of today's software 32 bit software's works fine with 64 bit OS..
  2. -- 64-bit version can read and use more memory than the
    -- 32-bit version, which is limited to about 3.5GB total memory: RAM+onboard CPU +GPU.
    -- 64-bit may run a little slower in benchmarking software, but you won't likely notice it in games and other apps.
    -- Legacy peripherals more than 2-3 years old may not have drivers for either the 64-bit or 32-bit Win7.
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