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Hello need some advice I am thinking about buying a Nexus 300W PSU (mostly because its noise rating hovers around 20dba) but I have some concers the most pressing being will it be enough power to power my system? Currently I have the folloiing componets set for this system:
CPU- P4 2.4c
MB- Asus P4P800 Deluxe
RAM- Corsair 256MB XMS PC2700 CAS 2 DDR X2 (512 total)
Video Card- Radeon 9600 Ultimate Edition
HDD- Seagate Cuda
DVD- Lite On 16X
Burner- LG 12X8X32
SoundCard- Audigy 2

I'm trying to build an ultimate silent system so to speak and since this PSU seems to be the quietest I'm thinking about it. Anyway will this PSU be sufficant to run this system?

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  1. Rather than purchasing a quiet PSU, you could simply purchase a highly rated PSU with the power requirements you need and swap out the fan(s) with low yield case fans.

    I purchased a PCPowerAndCooling 475W PSU for $199 (that was over a year ago) and replaced the fan with a 20 db, 80mm Vantec Stealth fan. The PSU is inaudible. I've been using the PSU with a single 20 db fan for about a year now without any problems.

    You will need to ensure the PSU does not get too hot, since you are swapping it for a fan that pushes less air (that is the primary difference between a noisy and quiet fan). Simply monitor your PC for a few days until you feel comfortable everything is stable.

    ...And make sure your new PSU has active PFC (if you don't know what this is, then look it up -- there are plenty of articles).

    Replacing the fan will probably require some wire cutting (PSU fans typically do not come with plug-in power connectors, so you will have to crimp or solder the wires together.

    - Yeong Yang Cube Case (YY-0221)
    - Asus A7N8X Deluxe
    - Athlon 2600+ XP
    - 3 120GB SATA Seagate Baracuda HDDs
    - 2 80GB ATA Maxtor HDDs
    - Samsung CD/CDRW
    - Samsung CDROM/DVD-ROM
    - 475W PSU (PC Power & Cooling)
    - 1 120mm Vantec Stealth Case Fan
    - 3 92mm Vantec Stealth Case Fans
    - 2 80mm Vantec Stealh Case Fans (CPU & PSU)
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