Is DVD-Rom better than CD_Rom

Hello. Am needing to replace my CD-Rom, but thought that a new DVD-Rom would give me the same, if not better, performance as a CD-Rom. Are DVD-Rom's faster than CD-Roms? Is there any advanatage/disadvantage? Am looking at Lite-on.
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  1. They're better if you're planning on playing DVDs on your computer, the highest CD read speeds of a DVDROM drive I believe is 16x, DVDROM is a good choice if you're running WinXP cause it'll run in DMA mode while a regular CDROM drive only runs in PIO mode unless you preset it, then the first read problem and XP resets it to PIO mode automatically.

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  2. I think DVD is better cause you can watch movies on it and besides the cost difference isnt that much... Well actually in Taiwan DVD's cost twice as much as a CDROM drive but thats like 600/1200NT (around 20/40 USD) difference, its like having a DVD player without having to pay alot for one...
  3. not really all are 48xCD read & do basically the same job, the only advantage of a DVD drive is in playing DVDs

    plus, DVD-rom drives (mine anyway) seem to like 2 holding onto CDs in the drive a lot, that really bugs me, somthing my old CD drive never did...

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  4. The only thing i know about the advantages of a DVD is that it has more capacity. CD-ROM reall strnght for now is compatability, since many home pc's around the world afford to have a cd-rom.

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  5. The thing with DVDROMs are that their BIOS can be flashed. When you feel that it's not working right, just flash it with the new bios from the manyfacturer website. I'm using ASUS 16X DVDROM. CD read speed is 48X and DVD is 16X. At first I found some problem with it but then I flashed it with the new BIOS and it's working flawlessly now.
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