Windows 7 boot up issues

I have windows 7 64bit home edition installed on my semi-custom gateway dx4200-09

9 times out of 10 when i go to boot the system from completely off to regular windows it will first go to the gateway boot up screen and then a black screen with a small flashing cursor in the upper left hand corner of the screen and thats it it won't boot or do anything

if i turn it on and off a few times eventually it will boot up and everything will be fine and dandy.

I would really like to know what is wrong because it is really frustrating. When this computer was purchased it had vista 64 bit and i upgraded to win7 throught the free upgrade system and my copy of windows is completely legit.

any help would be appreciated
Thanks in advance
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  1. Run a scandisk. I recently came across something similar with a laptop (Toshiba) and Vista on. Apparently the system loses connection to the peripherals from time to time (controller) and hence does not find a suitable device to boot and just hangs there with that cursor you mention on the top left blinking. If that does not help, try reflashing your motherboard BIOS.
  2. i think it might be a bug in win7/vista

    because my friends computer running a similar setup to mine does the exact same thing just not as often

    im running OCZ 500w psu ati 4770 as my upgrades and my friend is running a 700w ocz psu and an ati 5770

    im wondering if it is the ati drivers or possibly even the psu's but i doubt it
  3. Not PSU and I dont think drivers - you really havent made it to boot yet..

    Im guessing there are a number of issues that cause this - as darkguset mentions. When this happens to me - I have USB boot enabled and I have a USB drive inserted. There is no boot loader on the stick so it hangs...just like you describe.

    Make sure USB boot is off, network boot is off and the peripherals are set up properly. Disable ports you arent using - you may have already done that. Otherwise I never reach that same hang point and the system boots every time (with ATI drivers)

    Just one thought...
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