Stuck at "Loading Operating System..." Need help!

So I popped the top off my desktop, removed my wireless card and was checking to see if the card would fit in a PCI slot (it's a PCI-E and it does not). I then re installed it and started my computer up. I was prompted with a hard drive option (a Y/N option) of which I chose N. I don't know exactly what it was asking but I am trying to get it to re prompt the menu.

This lead to me getting stuck at the Loading Operating System screen. I was able to boot to windows by manually booting via F12 to my 128gb SSD. This successfully booted to Windows. I noticed that the interface was a little buggy (The date was 3 years off and not all the icons were appearing). I re booted, was prompted with the same Y/N, Chose Y, and was still stuck at the Loading Operating System.

I can boot manually to Windows using F12 but something feels wrong due to the date, ect.

Is this a MOBO failure? The NIC Port of the MOBO recently died on me so I don't know if the MOBO itself is dying on me. The computer is less than a year old and was built by me.

Can someone help me troubleshoot/give me advice on what to do?

I appreciate it!
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  1. So my 2 SATA drives were plugged into the White SATA ports on my MOBO. I switched them to the black ports and my computer seems to boot fine without getting stuck, ect. Though I still don't know why the date changed.

    I don't want to simply ignore this issue.
  2. Sounds like the BIOS got reset somehow. Might have just bumped the CMOS battery or something while you were taking the card. If it's working fine now, I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  3. Yeah that makes sense. I tested the PCI-E port that is literally an inch under the battery so I probably tapped it on accident. That's a relief though. Everything seems to be back in working order. Appreciate it!
  4. If you have a multimeter you could also check to see if your battery is dying. More than likely it just got bumped and cleared your cmos. Are you overclocked or anything specific set up in your bios? Might want to make sure your setting are the way you had them before if you were.
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