hi there, i was wondering, anyone recommends final fantasy x? i actually didn't tried any final fantasy before....but i have seen the movie and loved it, and seen the latest trailer the one with linkin' park music in!(in the end), amazing....the FF series look amazing, but i can't figure out the gameplay...or the style of the you recommmend a shot?it's a 4 cd game you know...nothing to joke about!
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  1. I have FFX. Now, the PS2 version is not 4-CD, but just one DVD. Are you sure you are talking about FFX?

    Anyway - the game is console RPG. What this means: Very plot heavy. Actual combat is interesting, but not too deep. Combat system is very easy to pick up.

    The game world is absolutely enormous: I am about 20 hrs into the game, and still have yet to experience most of the world or find the many secrets. My friend is about 50 hrs in and is right about to finish it.

    I have played just about all of the Final Fantasy games, (1,4,5,6,7,8,9,10). Honestly, 10 is one of my favorites, probably right after 4 and 6 which have extreme nostalgia value. The plot (in my mind, at least) is extremely compelling, the game is gorgeous, combat is not too difficult to get into and still fun, and the game has a lot of value (50 hrs ballpark for one run through).

    I didn't really like the movie though. Go figure.

    Anyways, I highly recommend the game. <A HREF=",10867,2832771,00.html" target="_new">Gamespot highly recommends the game</A> as well. My advice: Give it a shot.

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  2. you didn't like the movie?wierd..i actually loved it.. the graphics are amazing! sometimes you really forget that you'r in an animated movie. forget about all the other animated junks like shrek and toy story chumbawambas...
    this is some good stuff.
    anyways, i was talking about the PC version of FFX.. i have no idea if it was out yet, but i figured that it's the last FF out, so why not try it?
  3. Hmmm...

    Not sure if there will be a PC version. There were ports of FFVII and FFVIII, but no FFIX. Word of caution, though: The PC ports of previous Final Fantasys have been rather poor. Still, it is a great game.

    But yeah, the movie did have amazing graphics and all. I just found the plot to be a bit flat and somewhat dull. Not a horrible movie, certainly, but I had been wishing for more. Oh well.

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  4. no way...there won't be a pc version?....@#$%%$#@ luck!
    but what do you mean FFVII and FFIX were poor graphics and playability? and i heard that FFXI will be out, and it will be an online based how about a PC version of this?or will be load it on PS2 and then what?
    it's so bad, why will the developper of the game issue it for PS2 only, how about those poor PC users who don't have the PS2...what about them?
  5. FFVII and FFVIII PC ports were quite bad.

    The major problem: Rendered backgrounds were rendered for use on a television, hence they were at a fairly low resolution. The PC port had the exact same backgrounds, at the exact same resolution - it looked like pixely trash.

    Ports were also quite buggy, as well.

    Porting from a console to a PC is actually rather difficult. Moreover, the console gaming market is much larger than the PC gaming market.

    The developer develops for playstation only because historically Square develops only for consoles. Eidos typically ports it over, but clearly exerts minimum effort.

    As for the poor PC users who don't have a, sorry. I guess that they just get the shaft.

    My prediction: Neither FFX nor FFXI (which will be an online game) will be ported to PC.

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  6. @@#$%$@@%@%# .... i can't beleive it, i just thought that FF will be the game for me.. i am a real addict of excellent graphics and manga-like games.... damn!,
    but does this mean that the ps2 is actually more powerful than a pc?, that's why FF on pc sucks?.. i don't think that a PS2 can beat my own PC... no sir... don't think so!
    man, i just didn't like those consoles... i prefer the big old hunkin' PC's... bigger is better!
  7. No dont confuse powerful systems with sloppy game ports. Basically Eidos was trying to cash in a quick as possible on FF7 and 8. At the time of FF8 there were 1ghz machines and GeForce2 cards out. I know those machines were more powerful than a PS1.

    You ever play Oni?

    Blah, Blah Blahh, Blahh, blahh blah blahh, blah blah.
  8. well yeah i played oni, didn't like it much, although i have seen the manga video, it was awesome!, but didn't like the game, sloppy gameplay and not at all action-packed like you would have expected after seeing the movie...
    and very complex game , they just talk a lot man.. cut the bullshit and let me kick some ass!
  9. Oni was in development for years, literally. I remember first talking about it with one of my friends back in high school, 1st hour chemistry, which would be Spring 1999. It was finally released in 2001, I believe.

    To call it disappointing would be an understatement.

    A fairly uninspired 3d action platformer with sparse graphics and environments and a real lack of difficulty.

    I didn't care for it at all.

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  10. From the talk I've heard, FFXI will be simultaneously released on PS2, PC, and (yes) arcade. It will be a MMORPG and seems pretty interesting a concept for a FF game. I'm not a huge FF fan, but will most likely end up checking this bad boy out.

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    thanks god square soft realised that it should look at these poor pc users who don't have a ps2 and who like to play FF......and ffXI looks beautiful.. oh yeah!
  12. I heard from a good friend of mine that FFX was a disappointment. Just wanted a consensus about how people felt game wise and as far as replayability. I dont care about the graphics...i play for plot and good character development. Well anyway im considering buying it but it depends. Im not going to drop fifty just for a hyped up fmv
    game i want make sure its something thas good...well what do yall think?
  13. i really don't know,
    have you tried any? if you like RPG, then i think you'll like FFX, the characters are a little japanese look-a-like,
    but i didn't play it, and the graphics look awesome.. and many gaming sites have rated it as a 9.4 over 10
  14. Its a pretty good plotline, better than 9, around as good as 7.

    I dont care about the graphics

    I dont believe that for one bit. But after playing X, you'll change your mind.

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  15. that's what i think too..because the graphics on this game are just unbeleivable.. i have been watching dome trailers about it..and damn? does it really look like this in-game?
  16. yes, all those movies are in game rendered. the game really is a continuous movie.

    Hard work often pays off in time, but laziness always pays off now.
  17. do you guys think that FFXI will be as good as FFX and the rest? is 's online oriented.. so maybe more into battles and stuff.what do you think?
  18. FFX a <b>disappointment</b>?

    Your friend is wrong. FFX, in my opinion, at least, is the best game in the series since the classic FFVI (which many people consider to be the best console RPG ever). As for a "FMV game" - Honestly, FFX has hardly any FMV. There is a good bit of plot exposition, but most is done through the game engine itself.

    I am about 40 hrs in now - Believe me. I have played <b>every</b> Final Fantasy game - this is one of the best. The plot is fascinating, the characters interesting. I wholeheartedly recommend it, though I will warn you - the first hour or two is a bit heavy on plot, light on gameplay. Just give it a chance.

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    $#@$@%$@ and why? because i don't own a PS2 stupid console!
    and you tell me that it's the best FF?? #$@%$%$@%$#@$#%$@%$@@%$@#@%$@#$%$@#$@%$%@%$@%$#@%$@%$$ (destroying everything around me)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why does life has to be so cruel on me? what did i do?
    what do you want from me?
  20. Whoops, sorry.

    And it's not the best FF. FFVI was the best, so don't feel too bad - you could easily download a SNES emulator and play it on your computer.

    I would suggest renting a PS2 and FFX and giving it a try.

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  21. sweet!
    that's more like it... well i have downloaded a demo for FFVIII , but it plays like for a minute and then comes out ot the game.. and that's it, just the dancing scene...damn i have been fooled by these sites.....

    FF X will be on the pc, but the graphics are DAMN greater then great.

    But you need a really great comp. like:

    Pentium III/AMD K7
    128 SDRAM
    1 Gigahertz
    32 mb videocart

    Pentium 4/AMD Athlon
    128 DDR RAM
    1,3 Gigahertz
    64 mb videocart
  23. NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but what the hell ? what? such high specs???damn man
  24. I hope your right, that will eliminate my only reason for considering the purchase of a PS2. I'd hate to make a buy just for one game.

    Blah, Blah Blahh, Blahh, blahh blah blahh, blah blah.
  25. << I hope your right, that will eliminate my only reason for considering the purchase of a PS2. >>

    I don't have a PS2 but if I was gonna get one it would be to play Metal Gear Soild 2. The first one ranks in my top 5 best gaming experiences ever.

    I got to play FFX for about an hour and from what I could tell I liked it MUCH more then 7 and 8. I still yearn for the old rpg days of sprites and 2d graphics, though. Days when the characters didn't have odd attidutes and you could actually relate to them.
  26. The Final Fantasy Series is phenominal. I would definitely recommend playing any of the FF series. Even the new online game, FFXI, which will be released in March. The main reason I found that FFX and IX are not on the PC is that Square, based on the results from creating the PC version for FFVII and FFVIII is that they weren't making any profit from the sales. No one was buying it for the PC only the PS and PS2. That is why they haven't may FFIX and X for the PC. Not to mention the fact that they believe the PC is mostly for Online Games. I have asked myself why they refuse to make the entire series for the PC. I would buy the PC version even though I have a PS and PS2. for FFXI I will definitely be buying the PC version. The PS2 requires too much hardware, raising the price of the game to over $120...
  27. Dude this thread was dead a year ago. :smile:

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  28. I played a good 70 hours worth of FFX. The artistic elements of music/visuals were awesome. I didn't care for the plot though.

    The "game" is more like an interactive movie, which means it relies heavily on plot. Since I didn't like the plot or most of the characters (Tidus, the main character, is a patsy), that cut down on how much I liked the game.

    Still, I played it 70+ hours so it was still very playable. I'm surprised that they're making a FFX-2 though. I don't think they should do it.

    FF6 (FF3 US) is still tops in my book, followed by FFVII and FF1.

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  29. >>I'm surprised that they're making a FFX-2 though. I don't think they should do it.

    Why not?
    I think they should.
    It'll be the first time the sequal to a FF game is an ACTUAL sequal, i'm looking forward to it.

    Disregard my previous post.
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  30. Quote:
    FF6 (FF3 US) is still tops in my book, followed by FFVII and FF1.

    I agree. FF3 is a 16 bit god.

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  31. Quote:
    >>I'm surprised that they're making a FFX-2 though. I don't think they should do it.

    Why not?
    I think they should.

    I was not a fan of the story and characters, so I don't want to see them continued. I figure I've got a better chance of enjoying a new FF if it uses a new story with new chars.

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