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i just wanted to know how all professional singers got where they are because i personally want to be a pro singer and be known and all sorts but am just wondering how did you make it to where you are now?
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  1. from my advice, if you don't have connections, or know someone in the trade, you not gonna get anywhere! I feel your pain and frustration
  2. if you are going to sing professionally, then you have got to be great, you've got to stand out. First you have to learn fundementals. learn the practice inside and out. warm ups are very important to do every day for strengthening your voice. make sure you train every single day and keep an open mind to all techniques.

    here is a great site to help you onto the right track this online teacher also has many free youtube videos so check him out...
  3. Agree on fundamentals - warmUPs - WARMUPS!!!
    Best way to train your voice and develop vocal stamina.
    You won't go far without a hands-on singing teacher.
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