Creative Zen NX2 X iRiver iHP-120 ?

Ok. It was a very nice review. It may be indeed an iPod killer.
But what about iRiver's HDD MP3 players ? It has a lot more features although some consider it quite overpriced. And there's a great debate whether Creative or iRiver has the best sound quality.

It seems most review sites simply choose to ignore iRiver.
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  1. Yeah, I noticed the same thing.

    I got the iRiver iHP because I didn't want to wish for a different player after I got one.
    It is about the same size and weight as the iPod, it has a ton of features, the battery life is the best I've seen (16 hours), and the price is not bad.

    I got mine at MacMall (funny, it was the cheapest there) for $350 and free shipping, so I thought that was pretty good.

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