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I recently had trouble connecting to the internet. I decided to call my isp up to find out what the problem may be, and if they could get me back on the internet. I then finally got to speak to someone about the problem, and they decided to put remote access logmein software onto my pc to find out what issue the was. So, i let the person go and look around my pc. After 30 minutes she still couldn't find out the problem. I then said on the phone i'm unsure about remote access, as logmein is notorious software for viruses. So i cancelled the remote access. She then put me on hold to speak to a manager. I then waited for awhile and eventually got disconnected. The remote access logmein software kept popping up no matter how many times i ended the process.

I then decided to call again to ask them to remove the remote access software off my pc. I then spoke to someone new who said they could help me remove it, and said this has never happened before. He then went onto my computer and tried disabling the logmein software in my registy. But to no avail. It kept popping up. So he kept rebooting my system and messing around with my pc. And still the logmein remote access software kept popping up with the person's name and the time he started the remote access.

I got tired of it quickly and told him the software they use brings in viruses and is completely rubbish. I said i will just reinstall my operating system. I said thank you for the time and put the phone down.

So i tried reinstalling windows 7 ultimate 64 bit systems student media version. I looked on the back of the orange product key sticker, and i noticed one of the lines on the product key had rubbed off. So i knew then there was no way for me to activate a full copy of windows. So i rang up microsoft.

I ended up being put on hold for awhile, and then i eventually got to speak to someone about it. I said one of the lines of my product key on the orange sticker have been rubbed off, and if i could get a new key. He told me to tell him what was on the disc, the item number,...etc... I then told him it was a systems student media version, and he said there's no way for him to get me a product key for it as it isn't a standard version of windows 7. He told me i would have to speak to the company i got it from. I even asked him if he would be able to find out what the first line of the key was and he said there's no way of him finding out. Sinply because it is a Systems Student Media version.

The catch is the company i got it from ordered it from microsoft directly, and have since gone out of business. Microsoft sent thousands of these discs out to companies, small businesses, universities, colleges,...etc... So i don't know where to turn from here.

I have tried using programs like Belarc Advisor and Produkey but both give me a different key.
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  1. Unfortunately, the key the magical jelly bean finds is a default key, and isn't the correct key i used.

    The disc is a genuine microsoft disc i got from a company which had an offer for students back in september 2009. I'm shocked really how they can't give me the first line of the product key.
  2. Sorry we can't help you any further.
  3. Time to buy a new key.
  4. plus 1 ^
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