Problem with TV Tuner card and RF modulated source

I'm having problems with my Asus TV Tuner card when used in conjunction with an RF Modulated source. There is a vertical band of interference in the picture. If I switch to the antenna, I don't see any problems with the picture at all. Also, if I hook up a TV to the RF modulated output, I don't see the interference band. It only seems to happen when the RF modulated source is being displayed by the TV Tuner Card. Anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing this?

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  1. I was able to reduce the amount of interference by moving the tuner card to the bottom PCI slot, but there's still a some interference left. I'm going to continue to play around with with.
  2. Are you running a long cable? And it might help to upgrade to a better cable with better shielding or you might need a video ampflifier if is it a long cable run.

    Did you try running the video out to your TV and see if it has interference. In to the TV card, out from your video out on your video card to TV. ASUS is kinda new to the TV card thing.

    I find Hauppage and Pinnacle very good TV tuner cards, or maybe the card is bad or maybe some settings. I have never seen that problem and I have been using TV Tuner cards for years.

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