Want to use LG CF360 as a remote control for audio/video on my comp

I got a tough one for you guys.

I want to use the AVCR profile on my bluetooth cell phone (LG CF360) as a remote control for my computer. The main purpose would be the ability to play/pause...skip track...navigate menus in a media application such as iTunes/MythTV/Windows Media Center or Player. When I check the supported services on my phone for my computer it has remote control in the list. When I check the properties on the phone via the computer (Vista 32-bit) remote control is not listed in the supported services for the phone. I am assuming that the bluetooth dongle that came with my rocketfish mouse/keyboard does not support the AVCR profile. That's ok I can buy a dongle that does, but I am reluctant to spend any money on hardware because during my last five hours of searching the web and chatting with LG and AT&T I have not found a single person who has sucessfully accomplished what I am trying to do.

What do you say guys? Can it be done?

I also have Linux Mint/Ubuntu 9.04/Windows XP machines that I could use but I'd really like to do it on Vista as it is my preffered platform for accessing my media.
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  1. In going off of that question, I wonder if say, a ps3 bluetooth remote could be used in the same manner?
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