Need help with virus?

Apparently I have satan's offspring lodged in my desktop because the virus inside of it is just relentless.

I just got a new desktop, after my friend gave it to me with warning of a virus inside. I thought it would be an easy task to overcome with my vast virus extinguishing over my years. It seemed to be a rootkit, causing browsers to direct to yahoo and internet to slow to a crawl. I full scanned Avast,AVG,and a few other basic AVPs. Nothing. Then I got rootkit specific AVPs including Hitman Pro and GEMP (or whatever it was named). Nothing at all. I checked devices and couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. The only sign of internet being a problem I could find at all was that my Wifi point was sending 100,000 b vs receiving 4 mil- billions.

This virus is like a computer crippler. Within seconds of internet stress, It disconnects from my game clients, browsers, and other things.

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  1. someone should be with you shortly... we have been having a few virus issued threads lately...
  2. I only know one effective way to remove the virus 100%: reformat the drive and re-install OS.
  3. Got any software suggestions?
  4. Although (Not sure) It might be caused by my wifi reciever. WNA1100 Netgear.
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