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I just got my dvd-writer and started burning everything and then it was the movies next! But when I put in couple dvd's into my dvd rom, they were all like 4.8gb, 4.78gb etc....like right over my dvd-r media limit...Is there anyway I can still burn these movies?

Like can I overburn ? How/with what program? I have no clue on how to overburn, explain :) or is there a way to lower their video/audio quality a tad bit so they'll be a less in size for me to burn them....Some help would really be greatly appreciated
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  1. I believe DVD X-Copy by 321 Studios will let you select just the info. you want to burn. So, you could skip all the extras (like featurettes, director's commentary...) and maybe that would get it down size for you.
  2. Sorry, those DVDs aren't quite "right over your dvd-r media limit". Your DVD-R disc is only about 4.3 gigs. DL a program called DVD Shrink and it will transcode the movie to fit on one disc.
  3. still having trouble not being able to find the software, u sure it's called DVD shrink?
  4. oh by the way X-Copy doesnt have a trial version I could try and X-Copy express isnt the same :/...any others you know of? or a link would be great.
  5. oh by the way when I want to shrink stuff in the dvd's it always says copyrighted etc therefore can not open disk...anything I can do about this? Because won't let me shrink , when I say open, it says copyrighted blah blah.
    So anyone?
  6. ""anything I can do about this?""

    yes, but THAT would be not legally rightfull, and i (for advise) and you (for taking it into doing) will get into trabbel ;)

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
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