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Memory Usage

I have a custom pc that I built last year and it runs Windows 7 64bit. I was wondering what would the normal use of memory be if there is one ? I have ran several anti-virus programs and it still uses between 3.0 to 4GB . Here are some pics and any ideas would be great.
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  1. It could just be windows.... right now if i closed my browser and voice chat and steam.. would be using 2.5-3gb of ram
  2. You have a bunch of extra stuff running. See your processes = 76. I have w7 pro 64bit, currently at 56 process with just chrome open but this is less than most people as I will shut off anything I'm not using.
  3. How many other programs are you running at the same time. I noticed that you had 7 active programs running (based on the number of icons on your task bar) plus a gadget in the upper right corner. I would say that your memory usage is about where it should be with that many programs running.
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    Repeat after me: Free RAM is wasted RAM

    Windows will use what seems like large amounts of memory in an effort to improve performance. It will be dumped as needed. This is NORMAL and actually a GOOD thing.
  5. Free RAM is wasted RAM!!
  6. 2.3 here,it's probably normal depending on what you have running at startup.
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