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Hi everyone,
I have a Virtual Pc question. I currently have Windows 7 Professional x64 Os system on my home computer, which has 3 GB of ram. I have a mini drive that has the Vista Home x32 Virtual PC on it. When I tried to run the Vista Virtual Pc on my home computer I get a compatability error. I installed xampp, but still no go. I think I might also have to install SQl, but I'm not sure. Is a 64 version backwards compatable with a 32 version? Any help or comments would be welcome. Thnk you in advance for any help.
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  1. Get your self suns Virtual machine...virtual box then run that and you'll be able to run x64 Os's and x32 Os's ontop of your win7 x64 the amount of ram you allocate though.
  2. VMWare's VMPlayer also allows running X64 OS's. I actually prefer it to Virtual Box (and I like Virtual Box). It's free for home use. Oh, and it will allow you to enable Aero in it if you want, unlike other virtual machine software. And, that could be the crux of your problem. Virtual PC will NOT allow Aero to be run in a virtual machine.

    If you wish to do so, like I said, get VMWare's VMPlayer.

    Go to and click on the Download button.
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