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OK, first of all, I'll give a run through of my PC..
I have an AMD Athlon XP 1700+, SOYO Dragon + Motherboard, Segate 60GB HD, 56x CDRom, generic 3 1/4, G2 MX 400 64MB Dual monitor video, yadda yadda..

I was running Win XP for a while on it, then I decided to format the other day, because I wanted to set up a dual boot with Win98/WinXP so I can play Duke with my brothers on the network..

I had used Win 98 on this system before I got XP and never had a problem.. but now...

formated, made 4 partitions, 4GB for Win98, 7GB for WinXP, 25 for games, 20 for other.. I installed Win98 first to C, then WinXP to D, installed drivers for everything on XP first caz that's going to be my main OS, then went to install drivers on 98..

I first installed the onboard audio drivers from the soyo board, & Onboard LAN, etc.. Everything going fine.

THEN, I pop in the CD for the Video Card, and it detects it as an Audio CD, so I borrowed my brothers CDRom thinking theres a problem with mine.. it worked, so I Installed drivers, seemed to work, untill I went to change the resolution and even though I had it set to NOT reboot when changing resolution, it wouldn't let me w/o rebooting, so I reboted, when win98 loaded back up, I got the following message:

There is a problem with your display settings. The adapter type is incorrect or the current settings do not work with your hardware.

I restored it, and tried downloaded drivers, and got the same results..
I then downloaded detenator drivers for G2MX-, and got similar results, although I wasnt able to restore it after the detonator drivers because it somehow corrupted systray & rundll

Any clues? I've been working on it for 2 days now..

BTW, I am haveing the same problem with Win ME, and not a single problem with Win XP, which is what I am using right now.
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  1. If you can get into it try going to system information in Win 98 and running system file checker and restoring any corrupted files, if it finds more than 3 then you'd probably be better off to reformat the Win 98 partition and reload Win 98, because if its buggy now it will get worse. Just a couple of points to consider when loading any OP Sys. from scratch while you're loading the actual Win 98 files, set your home AC unit so it won't kick in during the file loading process, they usually pull about 50Amps from your homes electrical system which could be enough to cause a little Windows shall we say hiccup in the loading process which at the speed its loading could be quite a bit of corrupted information, also I've noticed file corruption when loading from a 56X CD Rom drive to a 5400Rpm hardrive, I don't know the Rpm's on the seagate drive but if its a 5400 you may want to consider different loading options if you have a slower running drive you could use, I've gotten cleaner file loads from my slower DVD drive or my CDRW drive. Just a couple of ideas, if Windows 98 is solidly loaded in, it can remarkably recover sometimes but if somehow a system file is missing or corrupted it is a nightmare, also make sure your loading CD is clean and not scratched, and at the end of your post you mentioned having the same problem with Win ME, but you didn't mention that in your partitioning plan do you have that on your machine also?
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