Windows 7 and ram issues

because one picture says more than a thousand words I will post pics first
Why is windows marking those 2gb of ram as reserved? is there any way that I could undo this? if more info is needed just let me know
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  1. It's probably RAM used by a video card. What card do you have installed?
  2. Integrated GFX?
  3. Yeah, are you using onboard video? Is it a laptop?

    If you have a video card you should go into the BIOS and disable the integrated graphics. If you don't have a video card and you are just using the port on the motherboard then you are stuck.
  4. Go to Start -> Right-click "Computer" -> Properties.

    Look in the right side under "System" and check out the "System Type". If it says "32-bit operating system", then that's the problem. 32-bit versions of Windows can only access 4GB of memory, and it looks like you have about 6GB in your system.
  5. I have a radeon 5850 andy
    oh and this is a desktop pc and am running a 64 bit OS check the pictures!
    any thoughts :S?
  6. The 4GB cutoff is very suspicious. What kind of CPU and motherboard are you using?
  7. I have a core i7 920 and the motherboard is a GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R
  8. Have a look at this KB article to see if anything is relevant.
  9. today during the after noon I noticed that my system memory was not been reserved... it was fully listing the 6gb of ram on task manager. Now after coming from work I turn my computer on and its marking the 2gb of ram as reserved again =/ thoughts?
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