Adesso 2.4 GHz wireless touchpad problem

Odd behavior from this keyboard
mouse combination. Tapping on
touchpad activates links, window and menu items; no touch of the
left mouse button is required. Neat but can cause a number of problems.

Is this normal behavior or do I have a short?

Do like the apparatus.
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  1. Heard from Adesso. This is normal behavior. Apparently I am not
    current in my understanding of touchpad capability. I'll need to
    get used to it, but it is a great keyboard if you need a wireless
    input from a 30 ft distance.

    Touchpad also has a scrolling area which works like a charm and
    the keys are, I've heard, a scissors type which do not stick.

    Beats the hell out of the old Scorpius P20 with the joystick mouse
    control and its sticky keys.
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