How to make W7 explorer look like XP explorer

Can anyone tell me how to make W7 explorer display the file tree the same way that XP did? The W7 way is a total mishmash, IMHO. I can't understand the directory structure. The indentation on the display is very slight and hard to see so that it is very hard to tell where a subdirectory starts and ends. It takes a long time to fill in the file structure so that after several seconds, even minutes, the display is still jumping around. There are a lot of things that I like about W7 but this is NOT one of them. I use windows explorer a lot. Perhaps someone could suggest a third party utility that works better.
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  1. You could try to replace it with one of these:

    Or you could try to Bing or Google "Windows 7 Explorer replacement" and see what you come up with :).
  2. Mark has expressed my TOTAL frustration with Win 7: I use Windows Explorer A LOT !! and cannot now navigate my hard disk properly. Even though I have changed the files in right-hand panel to "Details," without my folder panel on the left, I spend inordinate amounts of time trying to find the various files I need. HELP!!
  3. Everytime I've tried to replace the windows shell it has caused problems somewhere down the line.

    I see nothing wrong with the new explorer. Your entire path is listed in the bar at top. You can click anywhere in that bar to get to the parent or ancestor directory quickly.

    You can also turn on folder view.
  4. Been there too, and find Q-dir and it shows folder size, for me its great, take look and its free...

    And it supports tabbed browsing like Firefox or Chrome..... So it helps to navigate fester than Explorer.
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