Dell Dimension 9200 upgrade from XP to Win7 ?

I have a Dell Dimension 9200, 1GB RAM running WindowsXP

I intend to install 4GB RAM

I intend to purchase Windows7

1. Can the system jump from XP to Win7 ?

2. Is the processor speed going to be fast enough to run Win7 on this computer ?

3. Will Windows7 automatically install any necessary drivers updates ?

many thanks
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  1. Go to, support link. Do a search for drivers using your service tag. See any Windows 7 drivers there? If yes, you are good to go, if not, it may not work. The way you'd find out is to install it, and see what happens. Generally the only issues would be with audio and video drivers, but that can be gotten around by buying a new sound and/or video card.

    That system comes with several different CPUs, but a faster P4 in the 2.6+ gig range will run Windows 7 pretty well.
  2. sorry to butt in, I have a Del dimension running XP and want to install windows 7 64BIT. So I did a scan from Microsoft website to see if my Dell would run 64BIT and all was ok except for the graphics card, so I need a new one yeah, can anybody please recommend one. Thank you, John.
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