Will I trust the YouTube video tutorial for iPhone music

Last week, in my birthday, my girl friend give me an iPod. I brought some songs from iTunes and sync them to my iPod, but now I want to move the songs to my computer and share with my girl friend. But the iTunes doesn't allow me to do that. sadly, I search the problem on YouTube for help, and I found a video tutorial tech me: how to transfer songs from iPod to computer, but I am not sure if the software can really solve my problem, so I come here to get opinion. here is the YouTube. please make some suggestion. Thanks.

Here is the YouTube video tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuxwxEFSW1E&feature=youtu.be
ploease give me some suggestion. thanks.
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  1. I dont really understand that video, my PC doesn't look like that.

    As long as you have itunes on both computers, all you need to do is authenticate her PC for your itunes account. Every itunes account can be active on 5 devices simultaneously. She wouldn't have your password, just the ability to play your stuff. (I havent dont it lately since my fiance and I share an itunes account, but this may enable cloud download now - making the below part unneeded)

    If you open up the ipod in windows and really dig, you will find the songs in a folder in it. You can copy them manually. I cant remember the exact location. Will look now.

    Edit: Google has a million articles on this, here is one. http://lifehacker.com/105256/how-to-copy-songs-from-your-ipod-to-your-pc
  2. really, thanks for your replay, I will do as your method.
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