Computer auto-reboot frequently

Here is my computer config : AMD Athlon 1.2G, 256MB SDRAM, GEForce2 MX400 3D card, Win 98SE.
About 3 weeks ago my computer start to reboot itself. Sometimes reboot before the Win98 is loaded, sometime reboot when I am online, around 1-5 min it will reboot automatically.
I first suspect that it is the ATX power box provides inconsistent power so I have replace with one 2theMax HE370 power box, now the problem occur less frequent, but reboot and hang up still happen somtime, not sure if it is CPU or driver or motherboard problem..

If anyone have this experience before pls help
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  1. You might like to try a stronger power supply and see, since after changing it the reboot got less frequent. 350 watts from an Enermax power supply is great, but I have no clue about the one you got (2theMax HE370).

    I think some parts are just named powerful to give an illusion to people that it's something great, not saying your power supply isn't great, just making a note.

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  2. It's more quality than stronger power. Enermax has yet to let anyone down (or so I've read in these forums). Antec hasn't been too bad, except from Crashman. QuietPC makes camieabz happy. I've read that PC Power & Cooling is pretty good, as well.

    Even though you might a 400W model or something of some no-name brand, it might not be able to handle the pressure of many components at once.

    I had a Hivision, and it blew up on me after a year. I added a few more components than when I initially built it, but it was running okay for awhile with them. <A HREF="" target="_new">My horrific experience</A>

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  3. Thanks both of you, so can I assume that it should be Power box problem but not other components problem?

    FYI, 2theMax HE370 is a Taiwan famous brand power supply box and the total output is 370W. I have roughly calculated the power I need for the computer and it should be around 200W, so 370W should be enough?!
  4. Yeah, basically.

    I'm not going to bag on the quality of your current power supply, but I'm not sure what's the best way to calculate how much power you need.

    If possible, I'd try to look at it like you need to get as much as possible. This thing is going to be running your whole system, for crying out loud. If you just barely make it, and your system needs that extra oomph during some heavy games or something, it'll go down.

    This site has a power supply wizard, that lets you enter your components. Then, it'll give you a recommendation.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">PC Power And Cooling</A>

    This is a nice read about measuring your components power needs:
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    See ya,

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  5. Thanks btvillarin. Basically I also use the listed site informatino to calculated the power supply need and 370W should be enough for my system.

    Yesterday I try to startup the computer for about 8 times,
    1) First time the computer works on around 45 min (Just keep it idle and do nothing), without problem
    2,3) Open around 15 min, system reboot
    4,5) Online for some time (around 10 min), system hang
    6,7,8) Try to open some games, e.g. Diablo II, hang up within 3 minutes

    If problem still exist, I will try to remove some of the system compoent and see if the loading reduce, let's see what happen...
  6. Hey, can you list every component that uses power in your computer? Fans, floppy drive(s), hard drive(s), CD-Rom drive(s)...<i>everything</i>.

    Your reboots and hangs have been pretty sporadic. It's really weird. Perhaps you need a clean install. But, that's great that you're gonna take the initiative to try removing some components to see if it's actually the power supply.

    Good luck, and make sure you post back.


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