Raid on D975XBX with Win 7

I have upgraded from XP Pro (SP3) to Windows 7. My 2 SATA hard drives was set-up for RAID. Apparently, Win 7 does not have a driver for my M/Board (D975XBX) to support RAID on it. So, after I have installed Win 7 my second hard drive became completely invisible and unaccessable. Now I want to change/get rid of RAID so I can use my 2nd h/drive again - How do I do that??? Thanks!!!
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  1. Im perplexed - Win 7 does have a RAID driver and recognized my RAID array on a 975. I then swapped out the drives from another system, put them into the 975 systems and they too were recognized.

    Then I installed the RAID driver - not sure what value that added...

    I would try the driver that saran008 pointed you to but I would also check the connectors and ensure the drives are recognized in BIOS and the BIOS sees a RAID array...
  2. How have you got the RAID array setup? was it a windows softare based setup or did you use the control+ option on bootup to create the array in the intel manager? was the array RAID 1 or 0?

    I had a RAID 1 on a 975XBX running windows XP, when i wanted to try windows 7 i just entered the setup utility on startup and unbuilt the array - hey presto 2 hdd's again. PS DONT do this if you have a Raid 0 - all your data will disappear.

    If i remeber, i dont think i needed a driver for the RAID controller - provided you used the intel RAID controller, if you used the marvell raid controller the board also has, I suspect its a whole other question.
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