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just curious..how big is the difference between putting 2*256mb PC3200 and 512mb PC3200 on a7n8x deluxe ??

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  1. Are you asking price or performance? The 2 512s will only (problem free) run on Win2K and WinXP, so for Win98 or ME, stick with the 2 256 idea.

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  2. No, he's asking what gain he'll get from using 2x256 rather than 1x512 methinks.

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  3. if crash is correct, then the diffrence will be less than 10%, dual channel can do little to help the AXP because the cpu cannot physically utilise the extra bandwith.

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  4. <A HREF="http://www.digit-life.com/articles2/nforce2-1vs2channels" target="_new">nForce2: single-channel mode vs. dual-channel mode

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  5. but overclocking AXP will be a different story with those RAM.

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