I cant access drive q

I cant access drive Q --- and I have a mirage of youcam by cyberlink??? Does anyone know what this means ? I have had soooooo much trouble with someone hacking my pc -- I just bought this one and here wego agai!!!!
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  1. what is drive q? if someone has hacked your computer its time to reformat it and reinstall windows.
  2. If you keep having issues, you need to look at how you use the computer.
    And make sure you have a firewall between the PC and the internet, a good anti-virus, run a spyware checking program like Malwarebytes every week or so.
  3. i think he is talking about a "mapped drive" with the letter q.
    you cam is software from cyber link for a webcam

    if you cant access the q drive, and its not on your desktop, right click and select "create shortcut". right click on the shortcut on your desktop it and select properties. click on open file location.
  4. did you always have a Q drive?
    what is normally in this drive?
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