I cant access drive q

I cant access drive Q --- and I have a mirage of youcam by cyberlink??? Does anyone know what this means ? I have had soooooo much trouble with someone hacking my pc -- I just bought this one and here wego agai!!!!
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  1. what is drive q? if someone has hacked your computer its time to reformat it and reinstall windows.
  2. You are my new hero !!!! How do I know they are back in my computer? Drive Q just showed up and using admin credentials it gives message "acess denied".
  3. after a fresh install of windows, make sure you have anti virus and spyware programs installed. If security is critical then you may want to run linux instead of windows or at least dual boot between linux and windows. That way you can do all your web browsing, banking, etc in linux but if you need to play a game that doesnt work in linux you can boot back to windows.

    Ubuntu and Fedora are operating systems based on the Linux kernel. There are many operating systems that use the Linux kernel (sometimes these are called "Linux distros"). I recommend either Fedora 17 or Ubuntu 12.04.

    How to install Ubuntu 12.04

    How to install Fedora 17
  4. You could also get a new/better router, and request a new IP address.
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