Asks to select OS on startup, only have one. Help?

Hey. So a couple of days ago I've started to encounter this problem. My computer will ask me to select an operating system every time I successfully boot - even though I have only one. I have been into the system config and unchecked this option, however the problem still applies. What's more, I occasionally will get a Drive Reading error, forcing me to reboot.

In terms of recent hardware changes, all I have done is revert back to an older graphics card due to having an insufficient PSU. I also started using my old Logitech G11 keyboard, but I doubt this will make a difference.

Thanks for your time.
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  1. I agree hard drive is getting ready to fail.
  2. Well that's fantastic news to hear, considering I only bought this computer in February. Is this nothing I can do? I've done a couple of scans so far. 1 involving AVG PC Tuneup 2011 which took well over 2 hours (Done on the BIOS, black and white writing). Another was done via an option when I am asked to select my OS, this had a blue background. Both came up short and were seemingly a waste of time.

    EDIT: Would a roll back help at all? I have a back-up on my external hard-drive.
  3. Hard Drive = Dead. You could dig a hole in the back yard and place it at the bottom (or RMA the thing, which I would recommend).

    Yes having a piece of electronic equipment die sucks. That's life. Electronic equipment fails for no reason other than the seemingly purpose to piss you off because you just bought it. This is why things have warranties and such. If people can't cope with this happening then they need to stick with something that has no movable components...

    Try getting 2 hard drives this time around instead of one. This way If one dies you can still recover relatively easily.
  4. never scan a failing hard disk without properly back-up of ur data . Scans r very intensive and if the said disk has some mechanical problems (motors, heads etc) then it may go down without any notice.
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