still having problems with a sierra game

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Hi, l am still having problems with an old sierra game called return to
krondor. This is the third time i'm writing but still no luck! Basically l
can install the game, but l can't run it, the message l get is something to
do with indeo video playback, and that l need an adpcm audio codec. The
person who has been answering my queries (jimmy) told me to download a file
called 327979, and install it, l finally found the file, and downloaded it,
but l couldn't run it. The error message i'm getting is that l allready have
a newer version of that file on my harddrive, and that this file (327979) can
only be used with sp1, or something like that. I should note that I installed
sp2 (service pack 2) on my computer last week, but l wouldn't have any clue
if that could be causing the problem. I'm starting to think that l can't play
this game or any type of old game like kings quest (by sierra) at all.
So know what do l do?
Please note im not being rude or anything, l really appreciate the work that
people do here, i'm just frustrated thanks bye.
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