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I already have windows 7 fom start on my acer aspire 521. Then it got slower, so I installed 2Gb memory. Now its getting slower again.

So I want to fully reinstall the software from scratch. I do not have an recovery disk from the binning. So what is the procedure and do i have to reformat the c drive or can it be done without?
I don't want the old registry and so on, because thats one of the problems I think..
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  1. Do you have a restore partition? Power on and try Alt plus F11...
    Otherwise you need to burn an installation disk from an ISO
    Download the version you want from here

    Burn it to a disk. Then either clean install it to your laptop by formatting the HDD, or create a partition to install it to. The 2nd option retains any stored data on the drive, you should then remove the old version of windows. You would then need to install all drivers from your laptop manufacturer's website. Windows would need to be re-activated using the key on the base of your laptop.
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