I have Windows 7 Home Premium. I want to install virtualbox or the likes. How do

I already have VirtualBox installed and I'm at the point where I need to get windows 7 installed on virtualbox. How the hell do I do this. Apparently I am missing something because dos says "Boot Fail" blah blah blah and that's as far as I am. Do I just make a boot disc and then use it some how? Do I need other software? What's going on?

Maybe some basic instruction on starting a new virtualbox session.
As you can see I am quite new to this but I understand the basics. I've tried looking for the boot.ini but I'm thinking it's hidden in dos or some ***.

Please help me become undumb! :) and remember.....I'm looking for a
resolve that excludes buying anything.
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  1. I haven't used VirtualBox for a while but I think you have to enable the virtual CD Rom driver. Insert the Windows 7 DVD and reboot the VM (or start it if you just created it). Good luck.
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