Is Crucial=Micron?

I just bought a Crucial DDR333/PC2700RAM yesterday, I notice that there are actually two sticker on that RAM, one is labeled as Micron Technology with a product number, the other one is labeled as Crucial Technology with another product number, when I used a program to check the SPD of my memory, it reports as "Micron Technology DDR SDRAM PC2700"
I went online, and find the ram I bought on BOTH Micron and Crucial ' Web site (of course, with different product numbers that are labeled)
now..just wondering, is Crucial from Micron?
I bought this ram cuz I thought it's rated as CL2..then I notice it's actually a CL2.5's ram, I told the seller, he said it might be a mistake on their web site
I also notice that Crucial or Micron, actually, they don't make CL2's RAM at Corsair the only company who makes PC2700@CL2?
I tried to make my ram run at fastest timing 2/2/2/5 @333, it boots into windows...but failed to run 3Dmark. It works at 2.5/2/2/5 @333..still better than my Old Samsung RAM, which can work only at 2.5/3/3/6 @333
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  1. Yes crucial is a division of micron that distributes micron memory chips. Micron makes few if any CL2 modules simply because it took Jdec very long to addopt a CL2 standard (i dont even know if one has been adopted yet)

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  2. Crucial is Micron for all intents and purposes. I used to live in their backyard (Boise, Idaho). They used to be the same company, but Crucial has since become a company on its own. Micron still makes the chips for the Crucial memory. Buying Crucial does not guarantee that you will get Micron chips anymore, however. I got some Crucial with a Samsung badge about 8 months ago. Having used mosty Crucial in the past, I can say from my experience that Micron chips o/c better and are more stable at aggressive timings. I have yet to meet any Crucial RAM that won't run at CL2, regardless of who made the chips.
  3. ah..then is it cuz of my mobo or ram? I have a KT333 chipset made by MSI
    it's rated at 2.5-3-3-6 @333Mhz..I could run it at 2.5-2-2-5 @333Mhz, I thought it's still not bad at all..
    how about your ram?
    btw, how do I tell which chips I got?
  4. The Crucial I have now with the Samsung chips won't go 2-2-2-5. It will do CL 2 just fine, but if I get overagressive, it won't do it and still run stable. I haven't tried 2.5-2-2-5. I'm not uch of an overclocker. If you want to do some overclocking, look into some OCZ or Kingston Hyper X.
  5. Increasing the vdimm voltage to 2.6 or 2.7v should let you run tighter timmings

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  6. hmm...I would give it a try..but I think the performance gain from 2/2/2/5 won't be much more than 2.5/2/2/5, since only CL is faster in this case, i guess i'll put it at defaut back, cuz I want my PC live longer :tongue:
    I'm not planning to OC cpu's
  7. Just run it at CL 2 and leave the rest conservative. It won't shorten your memory life. I've run all of my Crucial at CL2 and I've never had one fail.
  8. I just finished test, here 's the result
    at default Voltage (2.5V), it would run 2.5/2/2/5 properly
    by increasing the voltage to 2.6V, it runs 2/2/2/5 without any problems
    wow, this ram really impressed me! :cool:
    oh yeah, when you said leave the rest conservative, do you mean run it at 2/3/3/6 ?
  9. just keep it at 2.6v and 2-2-2-5 a .1v increase is not very much, without heatspreaders only voltages over 2.7v would possibly cause harm.

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  10. Nice work. I'm not one to mess around much with the voltage I'm sending to my RAM, so I'd never really tried that. Glad it worked for you. As far as "conservative", I was just saying to increase the CL to 2 and leave the rest at stock settings, but hey, if you've gotten it set faster, go with it.
  11. hehe...thx, i'll leave it at 2/2/2/5 @ 2.6V then, piii_man, thx of your information!
    oh yeah..from what I've read, I think 2.5/2/2/5 is still faster than 2/3/3/6

    btw..the default setting of this ram is like all the rams, 2.5/3/3/6, the slowest
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