Desktop won't sleep nor hibernate.

Hello, some time recently my desktop stopped "sleeping" whenever i am not at my desktop I always put it to sleep (trying to save power on a 1200watt PSU)

Yet recently when I set it to sleep my display will turn off but all my fans and lights etc are still running. The same goes for hibernate mode as well. With this I have to fully shut down my PC a couple times a day which isn't my ideal situation...

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Make sure your video card drivers are updated, and check to see if you have something running in the background like uTorrent that keeps the machine from sleeping. My guess is that some program is preventing sleep.

    Might as well double check your power settings to make sure they are still set on whatever profile you prefer with sleep/hibernate.
  2. 90% of desktops wont properly - dont bother

    SSD for boot drive for fast boot up, efficent psu (80+ cert) etc nothing else you can do
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